Hey friends and happy day to you! I’ll be honest here and let you all know that seasonal depression is something I deal with this time of year and I am STRUGGLING today. So I got up, got my s$%# together and started my day anyway. It’s yucky outside and all I want to do in the whole wide world is go hangout on a beach and soak up some sun. Unfortunately that’s not in the cards for me today so, I’ve had to fall back on my tried-and-true’s to beating the winter blues and figured I share. Below are 10 tips that have literally saved my life.

1.Create ACTION – So it is no secret that getting your body moving has a profound impact on both our physical and mental health, and I am not understating the importance of working outing out here, but more specifically what I mean by creating action is to get out of your head and create action ASAP. Some of you may have heard me speak about Mel Robbins and how she is the genius behind the 5 second rule. If you haven’t heard of her or this phenomenon, I really suggest you get on it right away. With her help I now can count down from 5 and get into a different physical space once I get to 1. Seriously, look her up! Most of us spend too much time in our heads when the missing piece of all those rad goals you have is to simply start and create some action.

2. Add some colour – I really cant stress this enough…we see it in Real Estate all the time. The psychology behind colour is fascinating and is the very reason why I can ‘t hangout in rooms full of red for too long. It’s also the same reason why my home is completely saturated in neutrals. For the most part I’m very high energy so when I’m home I need to be around colours that nurture and calm me. The same can be said about simply adding a splash of colour in your day to day life. Bright pink and red lips are my very favourite and most inexpensive and effective way of doing this. For reals, go for that bright sweater this time of year.. this stuff works!

3. Surround yourself with life and pretty green things – Next time you grab some groceries, do yourself a favor and grab a plant or some flowers. Surrounding ourselves with life is so very important but even more so this time of year. If you aren’t the best green thumb out there, there’s a few local plant goddess’s who I’m sure would love to teach you a thing or two on how to not only keep your babies alive, but how to make them thrive. It’s always so amazing to me how quick my spirits can be lifted when I get my hands on a new plant.

4. Treat yourself – Okay, okay I know what you’re all thinking… lol. I’m not suggesting that you go spend massive amounts of money to make yourself feel better, cause shopping doesn’t work (just ask my girl Sherri, we’ve tried lots lol).. but what I am saying is that sometimes treating yourself to that yummy smelling body butter really can make all the difference. Most of the time I’m happy to spend just a bit more money on something I LOVE, like that delish stuff that the body shop sells. My body craves moisture this time of year so why not splurge a bit on your general self care a bit. You’re most likely going to be needing some lotion anyway… see, not such a big stretch!

5. Listen to something inspirational – One word – PODCASTS! I’ve been listening to eBooks when working out, driving in the car, and while getting ready for a long time, but when a friend of mine introduced me to Lori Harders podcast, I feel in love! There are so many great resources out there, pick something that you connect with on a soul level and we can kiss these crappy days goodbye! Stack this feel good stuff on top of one of your to-do’s and you’ll be smiling the whole way through, promise!

6. Laugh as much as humanly possibly – Laughter has been THE most important part of my healing and is one of the main reasons I married my hunky hubby. Hunky, yes but FUNNY! He makes me belly laugh all day long. Being around people that make you laugh is one of the simplest pleasures of life. Get around some funny people and keep them close and if you aren’t in the mood to be around anyone, pop a funny show on and get some laughter out that way. Do whatever you can to find a reason to laugh.

7. Get creative – The whole point of creativity is that you allow yourself to do only that one task. When we’re being creative, a lot of us are actually being the best versions of ourselves. I love to write and so for me, writing my blog has been an incredible outlet. I can also tap into my creative side daily while I plan my outfits and spend time in my kitchen. Whatever it is for you, do it!

8. Self care routine – I’ve talked about this many times before but a self care routine is so super important. Make it a habit and pretty soon on those hard days, you’ll already be in the tub with a face mask on listening to some wicked tunes or watching one of your favourite YouTubers, and you’ll be well on your way to getting out of your funk.

9. Make a date with your people – AND KEEP IT. The very last thing that some of us want to do this time of year is leave the damn house for anything bedsides whats necessary. Being around a good friend or some of your favourite tiny humans is often the very best thing you can do for yourself when you’re feeling down. My circle is very small now but what I can say is that most of the time when I’m with my circle, I get energy. Those people are my people! Depression is a very lethargic place to be. It’s exhausting just to get out of bed some days so keeping a coffee date with a friend is a huge accomplishment and I promise, if you’ve got the right kind of people in your corner that coffee date you have could very well make your week.

10. Add your own sunshine – MY VERY FAVOURITE! I’ve been told on many occasions that I bring the sunshine. Now I’m not one to toot my own horn but this is something I am extremely proud of. Sunshine on some days means I turn on some rad tunes and dance. Other days that might mean grabbing the coffee for the person behind you at Tim’s or holding a door open for a beautiful lady who in turn gives you the biggest smile. Even on my really bad days I pride myself on this very thing because this stuff is contagious! And on days when I feel like I cant show up for me, I still try hard to show up for others. When we choose to do things with just a bit more sunshine, our days in the dark become less and less and besides, most of us have little eyes looking up to us and I want my girls to grow up having the tools to get them through hard days too, and who the hell couldn’t use a bit more sunshine anyway.

Until next time keep it real!

I’ll see you on the bright side,

Amanda xxoo

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