Good morning and happy day to you my beautiful friends! As some of you may know, I’ve been spending most of this month really reflecting and digging deep on what’s really important to me moving forward into this next year, and so I feel like I HAVE to talk about gratitude, and how it has been the driving force that has shaped my life. If you are feeling a bit off this time of year like so many of us, or you need a gentle nudge into your self love and care journey then welcome sister (brothers too) because this is for you.

Gratitude, I really can’t say enough about this yummy stuff but for me, gratitude always starts out early in the morning with the most simple things, like appreciating my fully functioning organs, the health of all those I love, and that yummy first cup of coffee. There is so much out there for all of us to be grateful for but most of us forget to take the time to look, this is why learning how to be present is one of the best gifts you will ever give yourself and those around you too. You’ll begin to see through a completely new set of eyes! The more present we are the more grateful we are. Period. Do yourself a favour and the next time you hold your Grandmas hand, really take it in… you’ll be holding back tears, because you ARE holding her hand! Right here, right now in this very moment. I AM GRATEFUL! I am grateful for all of it… the good and the bad too. Maybe if I wouldn’t have grown up in the circumstances I had, I wouldn’t be so excited to help others find their “home”. Maybe if I wouldn’t have known what it feels like to be hungry, I wouldn’t have become the mad cook I like to think I am (soon to be chef … don’t laugh I’m manifesting). Maybe we really do have to go through some really uncomfortable things to learn how to appreciate the good, and maybe it all just starts with being present and by being immersed in gratitude.

At the end of the day no matter what you believe in, everything we do comes down to making a choice. We get to chose to see things from a place abundance or a place of lack, from a place of love or from a place of fear, from a place of good intentions or from bad, and we get to do this every, damn, time. Worse case we’ve got two different ways to get to perhaps the same result, but I think we all know which one would be funner! The same goes for choosing to live a life full of happiness and CHOOSING, let me repeat, CHOOSING to see the good no matter what.

A very simple way to shift your thinking is to show some people who you really are and light some folks up! Hold that door open for that Momma holding her screaming kids with an arm full of groceries. Be kind and compassionate and without judgement. If you really feel like going all in, go volunteer somewhere once a week or even just once a month if it feels like it might be too much. Trust me.. this stuff works! Remember like attracts like so all you need to do to get into an attitude of gratitude is to simply be around people who are truly grateful, and some days that might mean they are grateful for people like you. Who knows, maybe on one of those volunteer days when you really don’t feel like being there, there will be some little eyes staring back at you desperately looking for a reason to smile, and maybe just maybe she’ll grow up wanting to be just like you.

Until next time, keep it real!

I’ll see you in the bright side,

Amanda xxoo


Danielle Low · January 27, 2019 at 6:53 pm

Thank you. One of my words of 2018 was abundance. It wasnt until I started recognizing and living with gratitude that I realized how much I have … that more joy could come pouring. Your story has changed my day as I plan to stop by and see my grandma… I will accept your challenge! Thank you for your post and the beautiful person you are… inside and out!

    Amanda McNeely · February 1, 2019 at 12:46 am

    Oh Danielle, I love so much that you share this with me and sent me that picture of you and your Grandma. You seriously made my day! Thank you so so much for reading! There really is so much good stuff out there, most of us get too busy to notice. Not anymore! <3

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