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I’ve had the privilege of working beside some of the top Real Estate agents in Canada for over 1/2 of my Real Estate career. I’ve learned many things in over 10 years of being licensed in Commercial, Rural & Residential Real Estate but to me, there really is no place like home! I feel so humbled to be a part of such an important part of each of my clients’ lives! I take great pride in my negotiating skills, contract law knowledge & the friendships that often transpire as a result of the service I provide. I am THRILLED to be back on my own to focus on spending more time with my clients & relationship building, while being an incredible asset in the Real Estate process. If you’re thinking about buying or selling or know someone who is, let’s connect! It would be my honor & privilege to be in your corner!

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Personal Styling

I still remember how hard I worked for my first pair of Guess jeans. They were an ugly Oscar the grouch colour but man oh man I was proud & worked my little butt off to buy them. Prior to my first job at 13, going back to school shopping was something that everyone in my family dreaded, mostly my Mom. She wanted the best for my sister & I and I know that it broke her heart to not be able to do more for us. Although I know she was worried, I ROCKED those Salvation Army Floral jeans first day of grade 6! From the earliest I can remember I’ve been obsessed with fashion & style more specifically so I’ve decide to start a styling business on the side, just for some good old fashioned FUN! I am so super passionate about making others feel great, just like I felt in those Guess jeans many years ago. I pride myself in having an eye for a good find & LOVE being the organized, frugal freak that I am, so it seemed like a no brainer! The levels of this service are client specific & range from anything from special event styling to wardrobe building & personal shopping, some of the things that set my soul on fire! Feel free to book a consult if this is something that interests you, because there’s nothing quite like feeling our best, always!

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